Gas prices are a source of financial hardship for more than half of Americans, survey says
May 2, 2022

Gas prices are a source of financial hardship for more than half of Americans, survey says

More than half of Americans are facing financial hardship because of rising gas prices, according to a new Gallup survey. With the cost of other household goods like food also on the rise, some are saying spending more at the gas pump has become a huge source of stress. Also, the Federal Reserve meets this week to decide its next move in the fight against inflation, and it is expected to raise interest rates again. And, students of indigenous descent attending some public universities in California will soon be eligible for tuition assistance.

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Survey finds more than half of Americans are experiencing financial hardship due to gas prices

May 2, 2022
Still, many people told Gallup that they believe higher gas prices are temporary.
Though Americans are spending lots at the pump, more are working from home now and can choose to drive less. 
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Will tuition waivers make universities more accessible to Indigenous students?

May 2, 2022
The University of California is the latest public land grant university system to waive tuition for some Native American students. But tuition costs are just one financial barrier that keeps Indigenous people from getting degrees.
Starting this fall, tuition will be waved for students enrolled in the University of California system who are citizens of federally recognized tribes. Above, an aerial view of UCLA.
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