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A new tool to give workers the upper hand over automation
Feb 4, 2021

A new tool to give workers the upper hand over automation

Some good news and bad news about the future of jobs in this pandemic recovery with Philadelphia Fed President and CEO Patrick Harker. Plus, Bayer has reached a deal to resolve future legal claims involving the weedkiller Roundup. And, a new study on whether taking different COVID vaccines for your first and second doses will work.

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New study in U.K. seeks to understand if mixing vaccine first and second doses from different brands still offers effective protection against COVID-19

Oxford University Professor Matthew Snape, who leads the research, spoke with our editorial partners at the BBC.

How people without college degrees can find higher-paying jobs

Feb 4, 2021
Half of workers could earn more for similar work, says Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker.
There's a real "need to rescale and upskill people for the new economy that's going to be coming post-pandemic," says Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker.
Courtesy of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

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