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For some, the Big Quit leads to a big career shift
Mar 22, 2022

For some, the Big Quit leads to a big career shift

Millions of workers have left their jobs during the pandemic, and many of them are going into new fields. We check in from Boston, where a school workshop has become a hub of people switching from white-collar jobs to learning a trade. The Biden administration says there’s intelligence showing increased preparatory activity for a possible Russian cyberattack on American targets.

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Some are leaving white collar fields to work with their hands

Mar 22, 2022
With demand high in sectors like construction, some people are using the "Great Resignation" to go in a new direction.
Danielle Chagnon fits a piece of molding beneath a window sill during class at the North Bennet Street School in Boston's North End. Chagnon wants to make a career change from being a math teacher to a contractor.
Jesse Costa/WBUR

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