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Following the money on both sides of the discussion about rules on firearms
May 26, 2022

Following the money on both sides of the discussion about rules on firearms

Following the tragic school shooting in Texas that left 19 children dead along with two adults, the debate about restrictions on guns has been rekindled. Over the past couple of decades, groups such as the NRA have amassed a big spending lead over their gun control advocate counterparts. However, groups in favor of new rules on firearms have other tools to use. Diane Swonk of Grant Thornton joins us in studio for our discussion about the day's market activity. The BBC reports on news from Pfizer coming from Davos, which wraps up today. China correspondent Jennifer Pak checks in from Shanghai, which is in its eighth week of COVID lockdown.

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Heavily outspent, gun control groups still press their case

May 26, 2022
Gun rights lobbyists spend more, but gun control groups can focus on reforming states — where they can push for change and pressure businesses.
Though gun control advocates are heavily outspent by gun rights groups, pressuring corporations to cut ties with gun rights groups could be one potential route to success for them.
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