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First Republic reveals the severity of last month’s banking crisis
Apr 25, 2023

First Republic reveals the severity of last month’s banking crisis

The embattled First Republic Bank, which was nearly a casualty of the banking crisis that saw the collapse of three banks in early March, released earnings yesterday that showed the institution lost $100 billion in deposits due to panic among consumers. We look at what that says about First Republic and the wider banking sector. Plus, how the housing market is looking as home price increases continue to slow. And, we talked to Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, about her new book "Generations," which explores the differences between people of different age groups.

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First Republic results show around $100 billion in deposit outflows

Marketplace’s Kristin Schwab looks into what the bank’s earnings statement released yesterday says about the severity of the banking crisis.

Debunking the myths about millennials, boomers and other generations

It's not true that all baby boomers are better off and millennials have no chance at owning homes.
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