Mar 9, 2021

Policymakers try to turn the page on this pandemic economy

The Federal Reserve is extending one of its pandemic lending programs through June, even as some of its other programs expire. Plus, an update on PPP loans, which over the last two weeks have been limited to firms with fewer than 20 employees. And, for people getting tax refunds this year, they could come at the same time more pandemic relief checks hit.

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For the smallest businesses, an exclusive chance to line up for PPP loans

Mar 9, 2021
Companies with fewer than 20 employees have had an exclusive two-week PPP loan application window.
The Small Business Association's two-week application window for the smallest small businesses ends tonight.
andresr via Getty Images

What might consumers do with both a tax refund and pandemic relief money?

Mar 9, 2021
Those who have already paid off debt and built up their savings may be ready to spend tax refund money.
Many people plan on how they'll use tax refund money before they get it.
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