Fed makes emergency moves
Mar 3, 2020

Fed makes emergency moves

Fed cuts interest rates by half a percentage point. Amazon cracks down on those selling COVID-19-related products at inflated prices. Quebec, Canada, as a potential giant storage battery to fight climate change.

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In emergency move, Fed cuts interest rates by 0.5%

Mar 3, 2020
"A half a point is not going to cure anybody," said Karen Petrou, managing partner of Federal Financial Analytics.
An interest rate cut that occurs between formal policy meetings is highly unusual.
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Amazon cracks down on COVID-19 price gouging

Mar 3, 2020
The company says it has recently blocked or removed tens of thousands of listings for such products, like face masks and hand sanitizer.
Some third-party sellers have been charging hundreds of dollars for a couple small bottles of hand sanitizer or a box of protective face masks.
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Moving away from carbon, with help from Canada

Mar 3, 2020
Wind and solar resources in New England and New York fluctuate. One way to manage this uncertainty is trading with Quebec.
Several states in the northeast of America have committed to decarbonizing their electricity grids in the next 20 to 30 years.
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