Is the worst behind us?
Jun 8, 2020

Is the worst behind us?

Surprise job growth. State reopenings. Market optimism. And positive economic growth projections for the third quarter. Plus, of a potential mega-merger in the pharmaceutical industry. And, the significance of a Russian tanker's voyage through the Arctic.

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Are we almost through the worst of the COVID-19 economic decline?

The National Association for Business Economics predicts our economy could be growing once again by the third quarter.
Overhanging any forecast is the risk that a second wave of the coronavirus could threaten the economy once again.
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Russian tanker crosses Arctic in early season voyage as ice grows thinner

Jun 8, 2020
The route, which saves more than 10 days of travel, is a test case for a Russian energy company that wants to ship gas to China through the summer.
The ice-breaking Christophe de Margerie, carrying natural gas to China, was able to start its Arctic voyage earlier in the year because of thinning ice.

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