Slouching towards 30,000
Jan 16, 2020

Slouching towards 30,000

Foreclosure filings are at an all-time low. The Dow inches closer to 30,000. Chinese social media influencers are trying to cash in on livestreaming.

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Inside a 6-hour e-commerce livestream in China

Jan 16, 2020
Eva Wang and Sam Tian quit their jobs to make a go of it selling on Alibaba's Taobao livestreaming service.
Sam Tian and Eva Wang during a livestream show. The couple quit their ad sales and teaching jobs last year to become Taobao influencers.
Courtesy of Sam Tian

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Victoria Craig Host, BBC
Stephen Ryan Producer, BBC
Jonathan Frewin Producer, BBC
Daniel Shin Producer
Brian Allison Engineer
Erika Soderstrom Producer
Rose Conlon Producer
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