Curfews and COVID-19 weigh on essential workers
Jun 3, 2020

Curfews and COVID-19 weigh on essential workers

Essential workers worry about curfews on top of the coronavirus. Google faces a proposed class-action lawsuit over alleged privacy violations. Some health plans are requiring patients to chip in for COVID-19 testing — which was supposed to be free.

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For essential workers, curfews add new stress

Jun 3, 2020
Workers already worried about staying safe are now trying to figure out how to get to and from work without violating curfews.
Generally, people are allowed to break curfew to go to and from their jobs, but the disruptions of the last week have only added to stress.
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Google faces $5 billion lawsuit over allegations of tracking private browsing activity

The lawsuit accuses the company of violating users’ privacy during incognito browsing sessions.
The lawsuit says Google gathers data, even in incognito mode, through third-party apps like Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager.
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Congress said COVID-19 tests should be free, but who might end up paying?

Jun 3, 2020
Some major health systems say they are sitting on millions of dollars in billing.
Vanderbilt University Medical Center has been holding back many bills related to COVID-19 testing for fear of a backlash from patients, who might be surprised that they owe anything.
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