Crude oil prices up = optimism for the global economy
Jun 2, 2021

Crude oil prices up = optimism for the global economy

The price of crude oil is spiking, with some of that driven by the economies around the world that have been able to move away from pandemic restrictions on travel. Plus, a bulldozer is an uninspiring way to deal with an empty J.C. Penney. What about turning it into affordable housing? And, corporate leaders have pledged to take into account the needs of the earth, communities, employees and other stakeholders beyond shareholders. How do you measure whether they're meeting that pledge?

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"As people get more confident that the economy is coming back online, the price of oil is increasing"

That's according to Susan Schmidt, head of U.S. equities at Aviva Investors. "And we're seeing it now approach levels that we saw in 2018. That's a healthy sign on expectations."

California wants to make it easier to turn empty malls into affordable housing

Jun 2, 2021
But cities, who don't want to give up sales tax revenue, and stores may not be quick to give up mall space.
The mall-to-housing flip can be harder than it sounds.
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An argument for new metrics for success in a new and more ethical capitalism

Jun 2, 2021
SoulBranding founder Elsie Maio argues companies must measure effects on "the tangible well-being of humans ... of our planet."
"There are promises and there's a flood of purposeful branding campaigns out there. What are we measuring against? What is the impact? What's the change in focus?" Elsie Maio asks.
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