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Expanded eligibility for COVID relief money to support households
Dec 22, 2020

Expanded eligibility for COVID relief money to support households

Families with mixed immigration status will be eligible for COVID relief checks. Plus, thinking ahead to the economy of 2021. And, small businesses are hit especially hard when shipping deliveries go awry during the holiday season.

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December consumer confidence is down, but fingers crossed for the months to come

“If you think about consumer confidence next month, what will we have? We’ll have stimulus checks having gone out, most likely, and we’ll also have a growing number of people having been vaccinated against COVID,” said Drew Matus, chief market strategist for MetLife Investment Management. “And you have to imagine the people being vaccinated against COVID are going to be a little more optimistic.”

Shipping delays cause problems for small retailers

Dec 22, 2020
We’re expecting record online sales this holiday season, and shippers are having a hard time keeping up.
Postal workers sort, load and deliver mail outside a USPS location in Los Angeles, California, in August.
Kyle Grillot/AFP via Getty Images

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