COVID-19 stress leads to shortage of teachers
Aug 25, 2021

COVID-19 stress leads to shortage of teachers

Also today: Susan Schmidt joins us to discuss the markets. The FAA is looking to the safety culture of Boeing after safety inspectors for the aircraft maker complained about pressure from their bosses. Also, people are buying lots of cookware, but how long is the hot streak going to last?

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How long can demand for cookware last?

Aug 25, 2021
The retailer Williams-Sonoma reported record revenue and profits last quarter.
A woman walks out of a Williams-Sonoma store in New York, New York.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Teachers are leaving the profession due to COVID-19 stresses

Aug 25, 2021
The size of the teaching workforce didn't change significantly in Arizona, but pandemic-related stress has been a big factor for those who decided to quit.
Former Phoenix English teacher Elise Villescaz says choosing to be a teacher was the best decision she ever made. She left the profession because of the stress of teaching during the pandemic was too difficult.
Rocio Hernandez

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