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Dec 3, 2020

There’s new momentum for federal pandemic relief efforts

In focus: A $900 billion proposal from a bipartisan group of senators. Plus, a new Urban Institute report finds Black, Latinx and Native American workers are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus infection on the job. And, Kroger offers rapid antibody testing.

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People of color more at risk of COVID-19 spread at work

Dec 3, 2020
The Urban Institute says more than half of Black, Latinx and Native American workers have jobs that put them at a greater risk.
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Kroger, offering antibody tests, may be well placed to distribute a vaccine

Dec 3, 2020
Vaccines present opportunity for big retailers in general and grocery chains in particular.
Coronavirus antibody tests are another way for Kroger to get people in the door, and health and wellness is already a major part of the chain’s business model.
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