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Could poultry farmers come to the rescue for egg suppliers?
Feb 10, 2023

Could poultry farmers come to the rescue for egg suppliers?

Egg prices are still up in supermarkets across the board, but there could be relief on the horizon for egg suppliers in the form of eggs from poultry farmers — if regulators give the go-ahead. People have fled en masse from their homes in disaster-affected Turkey to different parts of the country, reports Victoria Craig. Russia announced its production of oil substantially, leading to higher market prices for energy. And, advertisers for Sunday's Super Bowl showdown are having to navigate their messaging around Americans' unease about the state of the economy. 

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What's in store with this year's Super Bowl commercials?

Feb 10, 2023
Expect brands to team up for ads, and a special surprise from Blockbuster.
Super Bowl LVII signage in Phoenix, Arizona. This year's commercials will likely make little to light reference to stressful economic conditions face by many Americans, says Ad Age editor Jeanine Poggi.
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