Consumers would suffer if U.S. defaults on debt, says IMF chief
Feb 6, 2023

Consumers would suffer if U.S. defaults on debt, says IMF chief

Consumers in the U.S. would likely suffer economic pain if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling, warned International Monetary Fund head Kristalina Georgieva. If it happens, she warned that people could be stuck paying higher interest rates on things like mortgages, car loans and credit cards. Amid Netflix customers' ire at the coming crackdown on password sharing, new research shows that consumers are frustrated by the high number of different streaming services on offer. And, a trip to the Maryland Zoo, which is having to spend millions to update structures constructed in a different time with different sensibilities about animals. 

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These are some complaints about the streaming video landscape

Feb 6, 2023
According to research from Oxford Economics, streaming customers have a lot to be grumpy about.
According to new research, consumers are overwhelmed by the number of streaming options.
Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

Older zoos face decisions around cages built for different times

Feb 6, 2023
The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is planning to spend millions to build new habitats next to historic wrought-iron cages.
A black cage that no longer houses animals at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.
Stephanie Hughes/Marketplace

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