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Some businesses are now more skeptical of using smaller banks
Mar 27, 2023

Some businesses are now more skeptical of using smaller banks

The recent turmoil in the banking sector has spooked a number of consumers into moving their deposits from smaller financial institutions to larger ones. We look at what's driving that shift, as well as what it could mean if the trend continues. First Citizens Bancshares, which is based in North Carolina, will acquire a large chunk of the assets of the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank. And, a recent recall of eyedrops issued by a couple of companies raises the question of how a recall affects consumers and businesses. 

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When a product recall goes out, what happens to competitors' sales?

Mar 27, 2023
It depends on why the recall was issued and how essential the item is.
While several companies have now recalled eye drops, recalls that get a lot of attention can affect other brands that make similar products.
Will Russell/Getty Images

Bank failures have some small businesses reconsidering where they park their money

Mar 27, 2023
Some have been moving money to "too big to fail" banks. Others are sticking with community institutions.
In addition to the idea of larger banking institutions being "to big too fail," they also tend to have more sophisticated technology than smaller banks.
JGalione/Getty Images

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