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Congress votes to restrict Russian trade and block oil imports
Apr 8, 2022

Congress votes to restrict Russian trade and block oil imports

The House and Senate have passed legislation to strip Russia and Belarus of their "most favored nation" trade status. Congress has also affirmed President Biden's order banning U.S. imports of Russian crude oil and related products. It's now headed to the White House for Biden's final signature. What do these measures mean amid continuing Western sanctions on Russia over its war in Ukraine? A new report from Facebook parent company Meta looks into rising disinformation online, and how Russia's invasion of Ukraine could be one reason for the increase. We invited all of our valued listeners to share suggestions for the music we play on our program — hear some of our favorite tunes.

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From our listeners: music for the "Marketplace Morning Report"

Listeners sound off on the music they'd like to hear on the show and what those selections mean to them.
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Congress strips Russia of "most-favored nation" trade status

Apr 8, 2022
That means the U.S. could impose punitive tariffs on Russian imports.
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