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Companies could start using AI to boost worker productivity
May 5, 2023

Companies could start using AI to boost worker productivity

The AI revolution is underway, and as with basically every new technology, businesses are finding ways to leverage it to boost worker productivity. We chat with Marketplace senior economics contributor Chris Farrell about the implications of a recent study that showed a marked increase in productivity among call center workers who used chatbots to interact with customers. And, some mid-sized banks in California and Arizona are seeing stock price jitters following the collapse of First Republic Bank — we look into what's likely behind the volatility. 

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Mid-sized banks see stock jitters, but is there really cause for concern?

Marketplace’s Nova Safo explains why this is likely different than what happened with recent bank collapses.

Could artificial intelligence be your next coworker?

May 5, 2023
Workplace AI is coming, and one study of a Fortune 500 company found it can be a productivity boon.
A new study of call center workers at a Fortune 500 company found that AI integration boosted productivity, especially among less skilled and less experienced workers.
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