Companies are laying off and unemployment claims are…falling?
Mar 7, 2023

Companies are laying off and unemployment claims are…falling?

The labor market in today's economy, at first glance, seemingly defies logical explanation — the number of people seeking unemployment benefits has fallen as companies lay off lots of staff. We look into why the data looks how it does. A bipartisan bill in Congress is looking to lay the groundwork to ban TikTok in the U.S. The rules governing the classification of Community Development Financial Institutions are about to go under a revamp by the Treasury Department. And, the BBC reports on South Africa's new electricity minister, whose appointment comes as the country's main utility provider Eskom undergoes a severe crisis. 

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Even as layoffs abound, jobless claims are falling

Mar 7, 2023
Many workers laid off from tech jobs are finding new ones fast.
Layoffs have so far been concentrated in the tech sector, but the overall unemployment trend has remained near decade-lows.
Eblis/Getty Images

For Community Development Financial Institutions, new rules are on the way

Mar 7, 2023
The Treasury is changing the certification process for the first time in more than two and a half decades.
New requirements by the Treasury Department would tighten the mission of CDFIs by requiring money to go toward the most financially underserved groups.
John Moore/Getty Images

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