When infrastructure is vulnerable to hackers, we pay
May 10, 2021

When infrastructure is vulnerable to hackers, we pay

A ransomware cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline has forced a shutdown of a major part of U.S. infrastructure. This is just the latest attack on critical infrastructure, something the Biden administration admits is a problem. Plus, companies navigate the debate over where employees will work going forward. And, some encouraging signs for those looking to buy houses.

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Executives, workers see future of remote work differently

May 10, 2021
Executives and workers prefer a mix of remote and in-person work, but PwC surveys find leaders favor more frequent office time.
Company leaders could end up doing more damage to their cultures by imposing a back-to-work plan without listening to employee concerns, says Harvard Business School professor Tsedal Neeley.
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Spring homebuying season makes a comeback

May 10, 2021
But some real estate brokers think the market may be loosening a little and buyers may be starting to get a little more power.
Listed homes are getting snapped up, but things might be starting to get a little easier for buyers, according to some in the industry.
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