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Chipmaking giant Samsung to cut production amid slowing demand
Apr 7, 2023

Chipmaking giant Samsung to cut production amid slowing demand

Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, reported that profits declined by a whopping 96% in Q1 of this year due to slowing demand for microchips and other electronics. We look at the company's decision to cut production of microchips as a result of the news, and what that says about the wider economy. Plus, lumber prices may be coming down from sky-high pandemic rates, but that will likely do little to alleviate the housing crunch. And, a story of how a Native American group negotiated for the removal of a dam in North Carolina in order to restore the tribe's land. 

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Samsung reports a nearly 100% profit decline, to cut chip production

Marketplace’s Nova Safo explains what that means for one of the world’s largest chip-making companies.

Removing a dam, reconnecting communities

Apr 7, 2023
Dismantling a century-old barrier in North Carolina would reopen a river, restore species and benefit Indian land. But will it be funded?
Joey Owle of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians helped bring partners together in the effort to remove the Ela Dam — if the project gets federal funding.
David Boraks/WFAE

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