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Jan 25, 2021

China passes U.S. in the fast lane

Companies are now betting more on growth in China than growth in the U.S., as is clear from the most recent numbers on foreign direct investment. Plus, negotiations for a new round of federal COVID relief begin. And, the potential for lasting pandemic damage to community colleges with enrollment down and state budgets taking a hit.

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The Biden administration's new pandemic relief aspirations are getting pushback from Republicans

Still, said Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives, "so far, so good." "It feels like a productive negotiation. They were never going to just sign on to the $1.9 trillion, but both sides are talking and starting to get to specifics." And, we're looking ahead to the official economic growth number for the last quarter of 2020. That's out later this week. " So growth steadily weakened through Q4, so strongest in October, weaker in November, weaker still in December. And and that's that's the motivation for the stimulus package."

Community colleges hit hard by the pandemic

Jan 25, 2021
The steep decline in enrollment during the past academic year could affect the budgets of these schools for years to come.
Steep declines in both enrollment numbers and state budgets are hurting community colleges.
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