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China strikes back with its own chip ban
May 22, 2023

China strikes back with its own chip ban

From the BBC World Service: Microchips power everything from cars to smartphones, and they're now at the center of a global power struggle. The U.S. has been restricting China's access to high-end chips in recent months, all in the name of national security. Now China has hit back, banning some of the chips made by U.S. firm Micron. We look at the method behind the move. Plus, there's been an election in Greece where the economy was a key issue. So how is the country faring years after the debt crisis? And, we hear from pop star Jason Derulo on the investments he's made away from music.

The team

Leanna Byrne Host, BBC
Kelly Silvera Executive Producer
Meredith Garretson Morbey Senior Producer
Erika Soderstrom Producer
Alex Schroeder Producer
Ariana Rosas Producer
Jarrett Dang Digital Producer (gone fishing)
Jesson Duller Media Producer
Nick Esposito Media Producer
James Graham Producer, BBC
Jo Critcher Producer, BBC
Olie D'Albertanson Producer, BBC