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Increasing the child tax credit
Feb 8, 2021

Increasing the child tax credit

House Democrats are set to unveil legislation today that would increase the child tax credit. Plus, will a new COVID relief package from the federal government lead to higher inflation? And, in another sign of streaming's strength, a brick-and-mortar video rental chain closes up the last of its stores.

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There's a debate raging among economists about whether a large COVID relief package will lead to inflation

The 30-year Treasury yield and crude oil prices are both hitting their highest marks in months if not years. What’s going on? Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives, said “this is what we are calling the reflation trade.” Essentially, investors and economists are weighing whether a large federal COVID relief package, combined with vaccination and an eventual reopening of the economy, will produce inflation. That’s what’s leading oil prices and bond yields higher. But Coronado doesn’t exactly buy it, pointing out the weak labor market, for one reason. ” I think the stimulus package will help get the economy back on track, for sure,” she said. “Whether it will generate sustained inflation, you can call me deeply skeptical on that.”

Family Video closes doors in sign of streaming's strength

Feb 8, 2021
The pandemic was cited as a factor in shutting down the brick-and-mortar movie rental chain's remaining 250 locations.
A Family Video store in Texas in 2015. The Midwest-based brick-and-mortar chain fell victim to changing viewing habits.
Michael Barera via Wikimedia Commons

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