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How some people might get a coronavirus vaccine this fall
Sep 3, 2020

How some people might get a coronavirus vaccine this fall

New CDC guidance asks states to be prepared for initial doses of a coronavirus vaccine within a couple of months. Plus, a run on aluminum hits the beverage industry. And, parents balance their kids heading back to school with work.

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CDC asks states to be ready for initial COVID-19 vaccine distribution by November

Sep 3, 2020
That timing is raising eyebrows among some health experts.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

For beverage makers, a pandemic can dilemma

Sep 3, 2020
Large beverage makers and small brewing companies are vying for aluminum cans.
Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Parents grapple with back to school while working from home

Sep 3, 2020
They're managing their kids' remote learning while also trying to earn a living.
Millions of parents are at home with their kids during the school day while also trying to work a job.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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