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Car prices are falling, but there’s a catch for buyers
Apr 24, 2023

Car prices are falling, but there’s a catch for buyers

Prices for new and used cars are finally falling, but prospective buyers may have another hurdle to overcome: rising rates on loans. We look at what that could mean for people who are looking to make their next big auto purchase. Plus, this year looks to be a hot one with the prospect of an "El Niño" weather event, which could affect the economy. And, how some people are using cryptocurrency to track criminals through the blockchain. 

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Buying a new or used car is easier now, but getting a loan is becoming harder

Apr 24, 2023
Lenders are worried about increasing defaults.
People look to buy a car at a dealership in New Jersey.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

How a mathematician and an entrepreneur took a bite out of crypto crime

Apr 24, 2023
The blockchain has a secret: It contains all the clues needed to connect underground purchases to people in the real world.
Some people are using the blockchain to track criminals who deal in cryptocurrency.
Geoffroy van der Hasselt

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