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“Britcoin”: U.K. considers digital currency
Apr 20, 2021

“Britcoin”: U.K. considers digital currency

As the U.K. looks into a central bank-backed digital currency, how is the Federal Reserve approaching the idea in the U.S.? Plus, the House passes a bill on the relationship between cannabis businesses and banks. And, a plastics ban in Mexico City raises questions about women’s access to female sanitary products.

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The U.K. is looking into digital currency. What about the U.S.?

We speak with Karen Petrou, co-founder of Federal Financial Analytics. She said that Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell “has very cautiously said that the Fed is open to it, but it will not rush into it.” Petrou explains that Powell is taking this approach because of how critical the U.S. dollar is to both the country and the world, and therefore “a central bank digital currency based on the dollar has got to be really, really sound.”

House approves cannabis banking bill

Apr 20, 2021
Most banks shy away from letting cannabis businesses open accounts, fearful they could run afoul of federal laws.
Cannabis is still illegal under federal law, and most banks shy away from letting cannabis businesses open accounts, because the cash could be considered proceeds from illegal activity.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

In Mexico City, a plastics ban prompts debate over women's access to tampons

Apr 20, 2021
Women's rights advocates say the plastics ban leaves low-income women with few options.
Shelves filled with female sanitary products in Mexico City show no tampons as a result of the single-use plastic ban restricting them.
Rodrigo Cervantes

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