Big banks and insurers vow to help reach carbon neutral by 2050
Nov 3, 2021

Big banks and insurers vow to help reach carbon neutral by 2050

From the BBC World Service: Now, 450 of the world's biggest banks and insurers have signed up to a climate coalition led by former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. But, environmental campaigners have questioned the sincerity of their commitments. Plus, Australia and New Zealand ratify the world's biggest trade deal, which won't include the United States. And, as central bankers try to figure out what to do about rising prices, we go to an English farm to find out how big a problem inflation really is in Britain.

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How big a problem is rising inflation in the United Kingdom?

Nov 3, 2021
For Alfred G Pearce, the biggest veggie producer in the U.K., signs of inflation are everywhere.
Everyday shoppers in the U.K. paid prices in September that were 3.1% higher than they were a year ago.
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