Biden’s first G-7 summit as president
Feb 19, 2021

Biden’s first G-7 summit as president

The U.S. will officially rejoin the 2015 Paris Agreement, and Biden will announce a $4 billion dollar global vaccine effort. Plus, how Biden's new bill on immigration would create a faster path to citizenship for farm workers who are unauthorized. And, Texans grapple with damage to their homes from the winter storms, including bursting pipes.

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Immigration bill would create expedited citizenship path for some farmworkers

Feb 19, 2021
Farmworkers who can show they’ve worked at least 400 work days in the last five years would be eligible for a faster track.
David McNew/AFP via Getty Images

In Texas, first it was no electricity, then no water, now burst pipes

Feb 19, 2021
By the middle of the week, the Austin Fire Department had already responded to some 700 burst pipe complaints.
People all over the state are calling around for plumbers. They’re also calling their insurance companies to figure out what damage is covered.
Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

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