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The end of trickle down?
Apr 29, 2021

The end of trickle down?

Karen Petrou, co-founder of Federal Financial Analytics, says that every president talks about helping the middle class, "but we have had trickle-down policy since at least 1980." "If the Biden administration can make the United States a more prosperous economy in a truly shared way, that would be quite an achievement," Petrou said. Plus, looking at what lies ahead in the U.S. economy for businesses owned by people of color. Today we focus on pledges from corporations on social engagement and what action (or inaction) companies have taken as a result.

Segments From this episode

Biden says his economic policies will help the U.S. grow from the bottom up. What challenges does he face in making that happen?

Karen Petrou, co-founder of Federal Financial Analytics, discusses Biden’s economic proposals and how she sees them being at odds with policy from the Federal Reserve.

Pledges vs. action: A consultant on the future of corporate social engagement

Apr 29, 2021
Deesha Dyer started a social impact consulting firm during COVID. She hopes companies keep their promises on racial justice.
Deesha Dyer, who worked in the Obama White House and founded the social impact consulting firm Hook & Fasten, hopes companies follow through on their racial justice initiatives.
Courtesy of Deesha Dyer

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