Biden expands federal unemployment aid eligibility
Feb 26, 2021

Biden expands federal unemployment aid eligibility

There's some fine print that could help people with job trouble during the pandemic. Plus, the latest readings on consumer spending, household incomes and inflation. Also, subsidies for lower-income Americans to get better internet access. And, with Democrats ascendant in Washington, could there be some national deregulation of marijuana?

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What the expansion of federal unemployment aid covers

Feb 26, 2021
The headline is that people who’ve turned down work for health and safety reasons can be eligible for federal aid.
Federal unemployment aid eligibility is being expanded to three additional categories of workers.
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Those fears about inflation and higher interest rates are top of mind again with the latest data on January incomes and consumer spending out

There were surges in household income and consumer spending in January. “We have never, even going back to World War II, seen so much spending by the federal government in such a short period of time,” said Christopher Low, chief economist at FHN Financial. “And that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad thing, it just means it’s very hard to put a handle on what the economic impacts are going to be.” Low said the fear piece is that it is possible the economy could overheat and we could see higher inflation. That would mean the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates sooner than expected.

Will Congress consider giving marijuana companies access to big banks?

Feb 26, 2021
Pot's illegal at the federal level, so major banks won't provide services. Therefore, vendors can't accept credit or debit cards.
Being shut out by major banks prevents cannabis stores from accepting credit cards and makes leasing space difficult.
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