Biden expected to unveil plans for tax increases on wealthy Americans
Apr 23, 2021

Biden expected to unveil plans for tax increases on wealthy Americans

More information is trickling out, including the idea of upping the tax when on capital gains. Plus, the Supreme Court rules there are limits to the Federal Trade Commission's ability to order fraudsters to return money to people who were ripped off. And, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's proposal to spend $1 billion to help people experiencing homelessness.

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Supreme Court limits FTC's ability to make fraudsters reimburse consumers

Apr 23, 2021
In its unanimous ruling, the court says the FTC could always ask Congress for more authority to recover money for victims.
Over the past five years, the FTC says it’s returned over $11 billion to victims using the method that the court just struck down.
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The pandemic could mean new housing for those experiencing homelessness

Apr 23, 2021
COVID has resulted in a wave of federal money directed at helping the roughly 580,000 people without stable shelter.
Housing expert Gregg Colburn explains how we can best address homelessness on local, state and federal levels.
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