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Now hiring: Restaurants and bars
Mar 19, 2021

Now hiring: Restaurants and bars

Bars and restaurants added nearly 300,000 jobs in February, and there are signs that’s continuing. But there's still a long way to go. Plus, two bills revamping immigration have now passed in the House. What might they mean for unauthorized immigrants working in the U.S.? And, a closer look at the part of the COVID relief package that expands Medicaid health insurance for women after they give birth.

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COVID relief extends Medicaid's pregnancy health insurance benefit to a full year

Mar 19, 2021
In the U.S., Black and Indigenous women are two to three times as likely to die from pregnancy-related causes in the first year as white women.
The American Rescue Plan allows states to extend pregnancy-based Medicaid to a full year of coverage.
Courtney Hale via Getty Images

As restaurants and bars reopen, some find workers are scarce

Mar 19, 2021
With warmer weather in some places and more people getting vaccinated, the industry is preparing to serve more patrons.
Despite new hiring, the restaurant industry has a long way to go, says Erica Groshen, a senior economic adviser at Cornell University.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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