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When is it OK to sell an art museum’s paintings?
Oct 28, 2020

When is it OK to sell an art museum’s paintings?

What about during a pandemic? Plus, as of Wednesday morning, the stock market is down 5% for the week. And, advertisers run into trouble with Facebook's temporary ban on political ads.

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Quarterly results from companies have been OK. So what's driving this week's stock market downturn?

Susan Schmidt, head of U.S. equities with Aviva Investors, says it’s three big things: “increase in the number of virus infections, no stimulus before the election and then, importantly, that upcoming election, where we don’t have a clear outcome.” It’s not just who wins or who loses the election. It’s, do we know, in a timely fashion, who wins or loses? “Markets hate uncertainty,” Schmidt said.

Should a museum auction its art to raise funds?

Oct 28, 2020
It's an existential question, says art critic Blake Gopnik. Once a work of art is in a museum, it's supposed to be more or less unsellable.
The Baltimore Museum of Art's plan to sell off pieces in its collection — including a silk screen of Andy Warhol's "The Last Supper," pictured above — was met with backlash from patrons and donors.
Lex Van Lieshout/AFP/GettyImages

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