An obscure indicator can tell us a lot about global commerce
Jun 24, 2020

An obscure indicator can tell us a lot about global commerce

Economists track what's called the Baltic Dry Index as a snapshot of what's coursing through the arteries of the global economy. Plus, 13 more J.C. Penney stores will close for good. And, surveying millennials about transformational change.

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As J.C. Penney liquidates merchandise, other retailers scramble to compete

Jun 24, 2020
Department stores have to move inventory quickly, and that can be tough if there's a liquidation sale going on next door.
J.C. Penney filed for bankruptcy in May.
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Young people see transformational change as the best way forward

Majorities of young people, independent of race, perceive problems with systemic racism and systemic discrimination, according to the GenForward survey.
"We have an understanding of systemic racism and policing, political alienation and economic precarity that exists among millennials and Gen-Zers," Cathy Cohen said.
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