A slow news day in Australia … for those reading it on Facebook
Feb 18, 2021

A slow news day in Australia … for those reading it on Facebook

Facebook turned off news feeds in Australia in the latest response to a law that would make Big Tech companies pay for news content that appears on their platforms. Plus, how the worst ice and snow in Texas in a decade is affecting farmers and ranchers. And, highlighting the hardworking people who process unemployment benefits.

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Facebook blocks news in Australia

Feb 18, 2021
Facebook's decision to wipe the news feeds came in response to lawmakers coming closer to passing a landmark new law.
A proposed law in Australia would require social media sites, like Facebook, and search engines, like Google, to pay publishers for news content that appears on their sites.
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Deep freeze has Texas ranchers concerned about food, water for cattle

Feb 18, 2021
The state is limiting natural gas to human resource use, like heating homes.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

For state unemployment offices, the last year has been rough

Feb 18, 2021
They're processing more claims than ever, and Washington keeps changing the rules.
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