Are new stadiums a good use of taxpayer dollars?
Jun 27, 2024

Are new stadiums a good use of taxpayer dollars?

Today, we do the numbers on the investment and payoff from new stadiums, often funded by taxpayers.

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When going analog hits hard

Thousands of car dealers have resorted to using pen and paper to make sales, as a key software provider grapples with a cyberattack. Now, there’s an estimate the outage could put a sizable dent in U.S. auto sales this month.

A lot less rainbow in stores this Pride month

Some organizations are taking a step back on Pride marketing this year, while others are focusing within the LGBTQ community.
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Why taxpayers keep footing much of the bill for new sports stadiums

Jun 27, 2024
Governments provide big subsidies even if the dollars and cents don't add up, says The Economist's Simon Rabinovitch.
The Kansas City Royals' ballpark, Kauffman Stadium. Officials in Kansas want to lure the team away from Missouri.
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