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Are banks in a prime position for more lending?
Apr 13, 2022

Are banks in a prime position for more lending?

Rising interest rates and an influx of stashed cash built up over the pandemic era could have banks more willing to push loans to people and businesses. Consumer prices hit a 40-year high in March, and hints at what April could bring might come in the form of the coming wholesale price numbers. We look into how fledgling shopping centers have pivoted to become medical hubs during the pandemic.

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Mall-to-medicine transitions make health care more convenient for suburban patients

Apr 13, 2022
With abundant parking and layouts that are easy to navigate, one-time shopping malls are attractive to some medical facilities looking to expand.
More than a decade ago, Vanderbilt University Medical Center moved 22 specialty clinics to a former mall, now taking up 440,000 square feet of One Hundred Oaks in Nashville.
Blake Farmer/WPLN News

With rising interest rates, and plenty of cash on hand, banks may be looking to lend

Apr 13, 2022
Banks are starting to offer "teaser rates" to get consumers in the door.
People walk past the JP Morgan Chase  Building on Park Avenue. An influx of deposits during the pandemic have put many banks in position to lend.

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