Another leftover symptom of the pandemic? Online buying trends.
Mar 17, 2022

Another leftover symptom of the pandemic? Online buying trends.

Americans spent $1.7 trillion shopping online since the pandemic began, according to new data from Adobe. That’s a lot more than they spent in the two years before the pandemic. It looks like it'll be even more in 2022. We speak to the BBC's Victoria Craig about her chat with the Lithuanian president. Diane Swonk shares market insight following the Fed's decision to raise interest rates.

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The pandemic drove people to buy more online, and some of those buying habits are sticking

Mar 17, 2022
One retail category that remains popular: buying groceries online, something many people had not tried before the pandemic.
Online shopping has surged during the pandemic, according to data from Adobe, But inflation accounts for a significant portion of that growth.
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