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A financial portfolio … for everyone
Jun 25, 2020

A financial portfolio … for everyone

As we reimagine an economy of the future, economist and "Angrynomics" author Mark Blyth shares ideas for a "citizens' wealth fund." And, with COVID-19 cases spiking, reopenings are being reconsidered, including at Disney theme parks.

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Disney reopenings in doubt after COVID-19 cases spike

Jun 25, 2020
Disney has plans to reopen its Florida theme park next month, despite a workers' petition calling for them to reconsider.
The Disneyland reopening in California, planned for mid-July, has been delayed for now.
David McNew/Getty Images

What if COVID-19 checks were a regular occurrence?

"You just get a much bigger fiscal bang for the buck," says Mark Blyth, the economics professor and author of "Angrynomics."
"We're managing to do it right now in the COVID pandemic. We send people checks," Blyth says. "Imagine if those checks were endowment checks."
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