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An invidious moment for Nvidia’s stock
Feb 21, 2024

An invidious moment for Nvidia’s stock

Chipmaker Nvidia has forecast major revenue gains, but there was a wave of nervous selling yesterday. What can we expect today?

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Will chipmaker Nvidia's earnings report be blockbuster? Or super-blockbuster?

Feb 21, 2024
Nvidia reports its Q4 financial results after markets close on Wednesday. The chipmaker has forecast major revenue gains thanks to generative AI.
Nvidia forecast it would hit $59 billion in revenue for 2023 — double what it brought in in 2022.
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The latest on student loan forgiveness

The Biden administration is announcing a new federal student loan forgiveness program. The Education Department says it’ll automatically discharge over $1 billion in loans for more than 150,000 borrowers. The Education Department will send out emails next week to borrowers who can qualify for forgiveness if they switch to SAVE. They can enroll at studentaid.gov/SAVE.

On price hikes and inflation

Richmond Fed president Tom Barkin said Wednesday morning that January’s higher than expected consumer price index shows that inflation could continue to be a challenge, partly because businesses got used to raising prices.

Candy for change

In the Philippines, coins remain especially useful, yet there’s an ongoing shortage. So much so that some retailers are handing customers candy as change for want of a coin. The BBC’s Hannah Mullane reports.

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