Amazon now has a prescription drug service. Will it last?
Jan 24, 2023

Amazon now has a prescription drug service. Will it last?

Amazon announced it will launch a new subscription drug service dubbed Amazon RxPass to complement its existing pharmaceutical products. The service, which will offer generic medications for $5 a month with Prime membership, will be the latest attempt by the online retail behemoth to make waves in the healthcare space. And, as part of our Econ Extra Credit series, we delve into the extreme fitness industry with Stephen Mayville, a Reno-based psychologist who studies muscle dysmorphia and steroid misuse. 

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Inside the business of extreme fitness

A conversation about how extreme fitness goals can affect our mental health.
Being surrounded by outrageously fit physiques can affect how we view our own bodies. A licensed psychologist walks us through how to maneuver the fitness industry online.
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