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Feb 3, 2021

Succession at Amazon

Jeff Bezos is stepping down as CEO and taking on a new role as executive chairman. What will his new involvement look like? Plus, taxes on unemployment benefits and whether they might change. And, the pandemic-battered hair salon industry, run disproportionately by women of color.

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Is Jeff Bezos still in charge at Amazon?

Despite Bezos stepping down as Amazon CEO, "it's still going to be his show," one corporate governance professor says.
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For those who received unemployment benefits last year, a possible tax surprise

Feb 3, 2021
Millions were on unemployment at some point in 2020. A new measure in Congress proposes waiving taxes on some of that income.
People can choose to have taxes taken out of their benefits during the year, but most don’t, said Elaine Maag at the the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.
Soulmemoria via Getty Images

The California shutdown drove some salons underground

Feb 3, 2021
California salons are reopening after months of lockdown. But some never closed down completely.
A client gets a haircut at a barbershop operating outdoors last summer in Los Angeles.
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