The final hour is upon us for tens of thousands of airline jobs
Sep 30, 2020

The final hour is upon us for tens of thousands of airline jobs

Airlines are warning of layoffs coming soon if they don't get more aid. Plus, private companies added more jobs than expected in September. And, who will get a safe COVID-19 vaccine when?

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Private companies added 749,000 jobs in September according to ADP

That’s a faster-than-expected pace. “Expectations were closer to 650,000, so that’s good to see, that’s a positive number,” said Susan Schmidt, head of U.S. equities at Aviva Investors. “And it does imply our recovery is continuing.”

How do we prepare for a COVID vaccine distribution system?

Sep 30, 2020
Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director for the Immunization Action Coalition, lays out the logistical and financial issues facing a future COVID-19 vaccine distribution system.
Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images

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