A World Bank warning on wasted potential
Jun 9, 2021

A World Bank warning on wasted potential

The World Bank is warning that the human potential of nearly 2 billion young people could be wasted because they can't get training to help them recover from the pandemic. Plus, retailers already buying for the 2021 holiday season are facing shortages and delays of computer chips, plastics and more. And, is it wrong that sometimes retail spaces are important to us and we miss them when they're gone? The latest from our "Vanishing America" series is about a thrift store.

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Supply chain woes have retailers thinking ahead

Jun 9, 2021
They're already placing orders for the 2021 holiday season, but some things are easier to buy well ahead of time than others.
Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Remembering the iconic store Thrift Town

Jun 9, 2021
Beatrice Hogg talks about what she remembers and misses about her local Sacramento Thrift Town.
Like many local shops that live over generations, Thrift Town became a landmark to some in the Sacramento region.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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