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A view from Jackson Hole, World Bank style
Aug 26, 2022

A view from Jackson Hole, World Bank style

It's Day 2 of the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium hosted by the Federal Reserve. We check in with World Bank President David Malpass, who's on the ground in Wyoming, about monetary policy around the world. Also, we delve into the latest downbeat earnings report from Peloton, the exercise equipment and fitness company that boomed during the peak of the pandemic but has since fallen back to Earth — hard.

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Peloton lost more than $1.2 billion last quarter. Is the company spinning its wheels?

Aug 26, 2022
The latest earnings from the popular fitness bike company may mean the company needs to switch directions to retain customers.
The fitness company reported a massive loss last quarter, spurring questions about the need for a revamped business strategy.
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