A powerful new player in Hollywood
Jul 8, 2024

A powerful new player in Hollywood

Paramount Global has agreed to merge with Skydance Media. What would that mean for Skydance's CEO, David Ellison?

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Paramount, Skydance and David Ellison

The conglomerate that owns Paramount Studios, CBS and more has agreed to merge with Skydance Media, the source of some of Paramount’s biggest films. The deal will cost Skydance, and its founder David Ellison, $8 billion and cements Ellison’s position as a Hollywood mogul.

More Americans are traveling abroad, thanks to a strong dollar

Jul 8, 2024
The dollar is more than 10% stronger than it was three years ago.
More Americans are traveling abroad as a strong U.S. dollar gives consumers more spending power.
J. David Ake/Getty Images

As labor market cools, job seekers must apply early and often

Jul 8, 2024
Also, make sure their resumes are computer friendly.
More Americans want to work, according to latest reports, but that does not mean everyone is being hired.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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