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A “good ol’ boys” culture at the FDIC
May 8, 2024

A “good ol’ boys” culture at the FDIC

A new report says major changes are needed at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to address allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination.

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Fixes needed at the FDIC

A new report from an independent law firm says big changes are needed at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the agency that insures bank deposits and helps regulate the country’s financial system, to address widespread sexual harassment and discrimination allegations. The FDIC is The report says FDIC management’s response so far has been “insufficient.”

We're lightening up on borrowing

According to data from the Federal Reserve, consumer credit growth slowed way down in March — at a mere 1.5% annual rate compared to 3.6% in February. Credit card borrowing barely moved in March after a credit card spending frenzy the month before. We’ll discuss with Susan Schmidt,  head of public equity at the State of Wisconsin Investment Board.

Can Macao — the "Las Vegas of the East" — move beyond gambling?

May 8, 2024
China wants to transform Macao, known as the "Las Vegas of the East," into a real Vegas that relies more on entertainment and tourism, and less on gambling for its revenues. 
Chinese tourists take photos outside Macao's Londoner Casino in October 2023.
Peter Parks/AFP via Getty Images

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