A German perspective on the effects of Russia’s gas-or-rubles stance
Apr 1, 2022

A German perspective on the effects of Russia’s gas-or-rubles stance

This week, Germany has begun the early part of an emergency plan that could lead to the rationing of natural gas. The Kremlin is demanding payment for gas in rubles from countries sanctioning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, threatening to cut off supplies if its conditions aren’t met. We spoke to Stephen Richter, publisher and editor in chief of The Globalist and director of the Global Ideas Center, who is trying to conserve energy at home in Berlin. President Biden announced that the U.S. will release a lot more of its oil reserves over the next six months – could other countries follow suit?

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Germany enacts emergency natural gas plan after Russia demands payment in rubles

Stephen Richter of The Globalist says Germany is "paying dearly" for its dependence on cheap Russian energy.
Forty percent of Germany's natural gas comes from Russia. Above, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.
Odd Andersen/Getty Images

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